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Advantagecom Networks is also known as SimplyWebHosting.com. Advantagecom.net is our corporate web site.

Advantagecom Networks is a fully licensed corporation in Washington state.

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Andrew Kinney
Chief Technology Officer, President & Off Hours Technical Support
Amy Kinney
Chief Operations Officer,

Executive I2E2* & Billing

Our mission
It is our mission to provide our customers world class Internet content delivery platforms, the tools for successful Internet driven business, expedient support, and expert demystification of the technobabble common to our industry. This enables our customers to focus on their core business and reach their own goals without concern for the technology supporting their business operations.

We recognize that our most expedient path to financial success is by helping everyone we deal with to prosper. To that end, we aim to provide these services with competitive pricing that allows us to fairly compensate employees, ensure our investors' interests are secure, and fund continuing growth.

Company history
Advantagecom Networks, Inc. was founded in December 1995 under the name Advantage Communication Enterprises and was incorporated in March 1999 under its present name.

Advantagecom is a company that has been driven by Internet technology since its inception. The founders believed that any individual could successfully run a business on the Internet if firm integrity, perseverance, and a hefty dose of common sense were applied to a viable business model. At the time, the idea was revolutionary.

Initially, the company was a test case for that belief. The company sold various products and services over the Internet for approximately two years after its inception. Marketing methods were refined, procedures were developed, policies were implemented, and business management skills were honed. Eventually, the company began to show a profit.

While selling products and services over the Internet, the founders of Advantagecom came to realize that one major stumbling block in the way of Internet business success was finding a good web hosting service. 

Many web hosting companies were experiencing reliability, performance, and technical support difficulties. Some web hosting companies were simply trying to get their hands on the customers' money in whatever way they could, often making outrageous promises that they had no intention of keeping. In spite of all the problems with web hosting services, it was still the number one expense when running a small online business.

The founders of Advantagecom decided they were going to fill the need for reliable web hosting services that were reasonably priced and sold with integrity and ethics. They raised the necessary startup capital and began selling web hosting services in September 1998.

Since that time, the service offerings of Advantagecom have continued to grow and evolve to keep up with ever changing Internet technologies. In 2002, Advantagecom began offering virtual private servers (VPS/VDS) based on the best technology of that time. In 2009, Advantagecom deployed its first Xen virtualization system with basic clustering and failover. In 2011, Advantagecom automated setups/suspensions/terminations for a Xen based virtualization system to tie it into our web based billing platform. In 2014, Advantagecom deployed a dedicated multi-node private cloud system to support the backend of an iPhone app for a client. In 2016, Advantagecom deployed a XenServer cluster with diskless nodes, automated provisioning, zero downtime VM migration between nodes, automated node failover, nearly unlimited scalability, and high performance ultra-reliable high capacity shared storage.

Today, Advantagecom continues to innovate and build on its strengths and multiple decades of ethical business practices.


* I2E2 stands for Internet Integration and Efficiencies Engineer


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