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Colocation add-on services

Highlights of colocation add-ons:
 Pay only for what you need, and nothing you don't
 Flexible additional data transfer options
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In Depth Information

   Monthly fee Setup fee
General Technical Support $250 monthly per server --
Per incident general technical support after initial setup and installation is complete $35 per incident --
Additional IP addresses
ARIN IP usage justification guidelines must be met with every request
proper justification required
proper justification required
Full DNS entries (up to 10,000   primary & secondary authoritative entries using our name servers) $150 monthly --
Secondary DNS entries (up to 10,000   secondary authoritative entries using our name server) $50 monthly --
Installation & cabling after initial setup $150 per hour
(full hour increments)
Dedicated firewalling for up to 1000Mbit/sec $500 monthly
(includes hardware)
$3000 setup
24/7 server monitoring & server problem notification $25 monthly per server $50 setup per server
Data backups (on-site and off-site storage, daily backup) $80 monthly per server $100 setup per server
Additional 20 amp electrical circuit (multi-outlet power distribution unit) beyond included electrical capacity $200 monthly $1000 setup
Additional data transfer see pricing page --
Higher maximum data rate see pricing page --

Need a custom quote?
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a custom quote. We are quite flexible in creating special colocation plans to suit your needs.

General technical support (an add-on service)
General technical support includes best effort resolution to software, hardware, server configuration, DNS, and network issues encountered in the course of using the co-location service. "Best effort" means that we will do whatever we can to help you resolve the issues, but there will be some things that are not within our realm of knowledge or control that we may not be able to resolve. It should be noted that our areas of expertise are Linux, FreeBSD, Cobalt, and other Unix-like operating systems, though we do have some limited experience with other operating systems in a server environment. General technical support can be provided on an unlimited incident per month basis or on a per incident basis. Server reboots and basic network troubleshooting (pings, traceroutes, backbone routing issues) are included with the co-location service and do not require the purchase of the technical support add-on service. 

Have questions?
Still have a few lingering questions? Our sales staff will certainly be glad to help! Click here to contact them.

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