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e-gold How to make an e-gold payment

E-Gold, an electronic currency fully backed by gold bullion, is accepted by Advantagecom Networks, Inc.

New orders
E-gold is no longer accepted for initial orders from new customers due to the ongoing large volume of fraud and scam artists trying to use our refund policy as a way to earn a profit at our expense by taking advantage of currency rates and gold rate fluctuations. If you would like to pay by e-gold, you must pay for your initial three months (our refund period) using a credit card or PayPal account. Your renewal orders can then be paid by e-gold once you are outside the 90 day money back period.

Accounts paid by e-gold and deemed to be fraudulent are not eligible for a refund of any kind at any time. By fraudulent, we mean deliberate misrepresentation of customer information, deliberate misrepresentation of the intended use of the service and subsequent use in violation of the terms of service, using someone else's identity when purchasing service, using a stolen e-gold account to purchase service, and so on. That definition is intended to serve as an example and not an all inclusive list of how we determine an order to be fraudulent. If there is doubt regarding the validity of your order, we may request additional documentation from you to confirm your identity. Funds held in this manner will be donated to worthy causes related to stopping online fraud or helping the victims of online fraud.

Current customers
To pay your bill with e-gold, simply login to your e-gold account and make a spend to e-gold account number ------ (due to the volume of fraudulent orders using e-gold, we no longer publicly display the e-gold account number to spend to - please email billing@advantagecom.net and request the e-gold account number if you plan to make a non-fraudulent payment using e-gold), then email billing@advantagecom.net to let our Billing Department know about your payment so that the payment is properly noted on your account with Advantagecom. Place your Advantagecom account ID in the memo field and select "US$ Worth" of gold. 

All e-gold spends are final (as stated in the e-gold user agreement at their web site), so please make absolutely sure that you are spending to the correct account number. We are not responsible for spends made to the wrong account number.

To open your own free, no obligation e-gold account, click here.

To learn more about e-gold, click here.


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