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How to make a PayPal payment to Advantagecom

If you're paying for an auction item, please refer back to the auction for payment instructions. If we're not the seller, please don't pay us. The only things we ever sell at auction are retired network equipment, retired computers/servers, or retired office equipment. If your auction was for clothing or some other consumer goods, we probably aren't your seller. If you're one of those few people each month that randomly pays us for some other person's auction, we just saved everyone involved some hassle.

If you're a new customer:
If paying for a VPS plan, WebPro account, or a dedicated server, place your order and select PayPal (online payment) as your payment method and follow the prompts.

If ordering colocation, place your order and then make a PayPal payment by clicking this button:PayPal Accepted Here
Payment needs to be made to paypal@advantagecom.net. Include your domain name and the name on the account so that we can apply your payment to the correct account.

If you're already a customer:

  1. Login to your billing control panel.
  2. Select the invoice you're paying.
  3. Click the "pay with PayPal" logo at the top of the invoice.
  4. If you don't see any obvious way to pay the invoice via PayPal, you may be in our older billing system. In that case, login to your PayPal account and make a payment to paypal@advantagecom.net . After making your payment, send an email to billing@advantagecom.net with the payment information so we can properly credit your account. If you fail to email us, we may not know about your payment and service may be suspended in error.


If you have any questions about paying with PayPal, please contact our friendly billing staff. They'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.



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