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Main features of True Dedicated Servers:
 Exclusive use of the entire server

 Unrestricted bandwidth - most companies tell you that you get "X" amount of monthly data transfer when really what they've done is place a bandwidth or speed restriction on your server that assures you never can transfer more than your monthly data transfer limit and assume that you don't know any better and don't care - you won't find such hidden performance hindrances with our servers; you can use all of your allocated monthly data transfer at whatever speed you like

 Protection from the leading cause of web hosting account outages - other users on the same server as your web site

 Easy to use control panel available for no additional charge

 Upgrades to more powerful servers can be done with no downtime, no IP address changes, no DNS changes, no moving of files, and no administrative hassle

 Data protection and high speed data access through iSCSI or SAS RAID storage technology

 Hot-swappable disks prevent downtime when replacing failed drives

 Daily off-site data backups are included for all data on your server

 Redundant hot-swappable power supplies and redundant power cords prevent downtime from power recabling, power outage at the outlet, or a failed power supply

 Redundant hot-swappable internal cooling fans prevent downtime caused by failed fan replacement or overheating while a fan is inoperable

 Error correcting memory detects and corrects bit errors that naturally occur over time that would otherwise result in downtime

 Visual alerts to any hardware faults so they can be identified and corrected so that any lost redundancy is restored before it can cause an outage

 Network controllable reboots allow you to restart the system at any time without calling technical support

 Dual multicore CPUs prevent performance problems in the event a user installed application misbehaves

 Hardened ultra-reliable server software makes your system capable of running for thousands of days between reboots

 24/7 monitoring of the server and outage correction for common services such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3

 24/7 cell phone tech support

 Toll-free regular business hours support, email support, web chat, and forum support
 Customizable server software
 99.9% or better Real Guaranteed Uptime
 90 day 100% risk free Money Back Guarantee

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In Depth Information
All true dedicated server plans are based on servers that use iSCSI or SAS RAID for disk storage. The RAID configurations used on these servers takes two or more disks and makes them function as a single storage device in such a way that it is considerably faster and much more reliable than a single disk. In fact, with the RAID configurations we use, one of the disks can fail and the system will still run without any data loss or interruption of service.

Further enhancing reliability, the disks on every TDS plan are hot-swappable and can be replaced without powering down or rebooting. Budget servers from other companies that claim to use RAID often exclude this very important feature. To replace a disk on a system without hotswap disks, you must power down the server, remove the server from the rack, open the server case, remove the failed hard drive, replace the failed hard drive, close the server case, mount the server in the rack, power up the server, and wait for the server to boot. The hot-swappable drive technology in use on every TDS plan allows you to avoid that downtime.

Of course, all servers require electricity to operate. The only way electricity gets into a server is through its power cord and power supply. If you only have one power cord, any power recabling requires that the server be powered down before recabling. If the server isn't powered down properly because of an unexpected power loss, there is even a possibility of losing data. All servers used for TDS plans include two power cords plugged into two separate electrical circuits on two separate breakers. This allows the server to continue operating even if power to one of the cords is interrupted. Power supplies can and do fail, which can lead to extensive downtime during the repairs. To protect against power supply failure, all servers used for TDS plans feature dual hot-swappable power supplies. The power supplies can be removed and replaced without powering down the server or rebooting, allowing the server to run continuously even while being repaired. Many budget servers from other companies do not have this feature. Even if the budget server contains redundant power supplies, they are often not hot-swappable and require downtime to repair. All TDS plans allow you to avoid that downtime by including redundant hot-swappable power supplies and dual power cords plugged into diverse electrical circuits.

Other reliability enhancing features built into each server used by the TDS plans include redundant cooling fans, error correcting memory, network controllable reboots, dual multicore CPUs, and hardened ultra-reliable server software capable of uptimes numbering in thousands of days between required reboots.

With true root access, you can customize any configurations and most software.

Hardware configurations vary depending on the type of account chosen.

Linux server administration experience is recommended
Since true dedicated server accounts include root access, we strongly recommend that you have experience administering a Linux server if purchasing a true dedicated server account. If you have no experience administering a server, then you may want to consider a shared hosting account like the WebPro accounts.

Our 99.9% uptime guarantee results in more bonified real uptime than most 100% uptime guarantees
Our uptime guarantee is for combined server and network uptime. Most companies guarantee only network uptime. While excellent network uptime is required for good overall uptime, it is only part of what makes up your overall uptime. We expect you might wonder "What good is a network without a server?" Our network uptime is 99.999% from January 2000 through December 2004. That is an average of under 6 minutes of network downtime each year. The reason we only guarantee 99.9% server and network combined uptime is that when server components fail, it can sometimes take several hours to as much as a day to identify the failed component, locate a replacement part, and replace the failed component. A failed component may or may not cause an outage depending on what type of component failed. All TDS plans include redundant hot-swappable components where component failures are most common to prevent many server hardware failure related outages. One or more reboots are sometimes required during the course of repairing certain components. Server component failure rates are unpredictable, even with the best brands. More expensive plans generally have a lower component failure rate and faster resolution time due to more expensive server hardware, but that is not something we can guarantee since there are so many factors involved with any server component failure and replacement that are beyond our control. This is not something unique to our servers. These are facts that some hosting companies know and many inexperienced companies don't yet know, but we're the only company with the experience and the guts to tell you these facts. You see, we believe that an educated customer is better equipped to develop meaningful expectations regarding servers and uptime. We don't believe in allowing our customers to be blindsided by downtime and then adding insult to injury by giving you a couple dollars off your hosting bill. If you absolutely must have a meaningful uptime guarantee higher than 99.9%, please contact us to discuss high availability solutions involving more than one server. Be prepared with a budget in line with your expectations - high availability solutions capable of reliably exceeding 99.9% uptime are extremely expensive. Anybody that tells you they can give you 100% uptime at a low price is lying, inexperienced, excluding the server hardware from the uptime guarantee, or is referring to their Service Level Agreement (SLA) that specifies numerous restrictions and simply specifies hard to get billing credits to compensate you for the inevitable downtime. SLAs that specify 100% uptime for low priced accounts are merely marketing gimmicks that allow them to discount your service when reliability is poor and charge a premium when reliability is good. Their actual reliability is often based purely on luck rather than quality hardware, meaningful engineering, and comprehensive planning. You need real uptime, not just lip service, right? Don't fall for meaningless 100% uptime SLAs.


We would love to create a plan just for you.  Please contact our sales staff and they can work out a custom plan with hardware, software, and data transfer limits that suits your needs. Remember, our focus is on reliable service, so if you request something that we know won't meet our reliability standards, we may suggest a more reliable solution than what you specified. Prices start at $499 per month for a reasonably configured modern server.

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90 day money back guarantee
We offer a 90 day money back guarantee for all hosting plans. If, at any time during the first 90 days of your service, you are dissatisfied with your account, simply let us know that you're taking us up on our 90 day money back guarantee when cancelling your account and we'll refund your money - no questions asked. Any setup fees paid for Dedicated Server accounts are non-refundable due to the nature of the service.

Have questions?
If you have questions, please contact our sales staff at sales@advantagecom.net . Please see our Contact Us page for other ways to get in touch with our Sales Department.

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